If you're not moving forward, you're standing still! For me, being able to throw some extra weight around my waist and bang out some chin-ups is a challenge that is becoming increasingly easy. So, rather than bask in meaningless self glory...I'd rather be humbled by the next challenge that will force me to take another step forward. Locomotion Chins! Sure, I can stay in one spot and lift my body up and down but can I carry that same weight horizontally? Can I control the momentum of the plate doing its best to try and separate me from the bars? Can I do that all and THEN still crank out some reps of weighted chins in an already fatigued state? Wouldn't have known unless I tried! Get comfortable being uncomfortable and you'll be amazed at what you can do. What's your next challenge to yourself? I'll be reading, so get ready to hold yourself accountable! #chinswithchains #challengeyourself #getuncomfortable #pulllllll #gymlife #thesoundtrackhelps #noexcuses #athleanx #teamathlean #jeffcavaliere

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